It’s been said that your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

That’s a sobering thought isn’t it?

What it means is, your brand is your reputation. It’s your most valuable business asset. And just like every other asset, you need to look after it well.

My clients understand this. Each one of them is different. They have strong, distinctive brands which they cherish. They work in different fields, in different parts of the country and in different markets.

Yet conversely they’re all the same. They are true professionals with a determination to succeed.

They have loyal customers. They’re considered to be among the best in their fields and, above all, they are fulfilling their ambitions.

For example, there’s a single mum who began her business at her kitchen table and who, after a few months, opened her own premises with a staff of three.

There’s the husband and wife partnership who bought a modest business, rebranded and doubled its turnover within six months.

Or there’s the people behind the hospitality venue who courageously started from scratch, without a single customer, and then held 36 different events in their first year.

And there’s the team at one of Wales’ top 30 businesses; they launched a new product which sold out within two months, generating sales of £3.6 million.

I’ve helped each of them. Through effective design and branding.