I’m Tim Masters. I have 25 years’ experience helping businesses like yours.

Through effective design and branding.

Effective design is a fundamental part of a powerful brand. And vice versa. The two are inseparable. One cannot function successfully without the other.

When handled with care and skill, design and branding are compelling forces that demonstrate everything that is good, and true, about you and your business.

They set you apart from your competitors, forming a powerful beacon that shines through the fog of generic ‘me too’ marketing. In doing so, they attract a band of loyal customers.

The businesses I work with vary in size from multi-nationals to individuals. Yes, it’s a broad spectrum but they all share the same values as you. They believe in what they do, they pursue excellence, and they know what they want to achieve.

Above all, they know they can rely on me to help make it a reality. And together we have achieved some outstanding results.

My promise to clients is simple. If I think I can help them reach their goals or fulfil their ambitions, I make a full commitment to doing so.

I can make the same promise to you.

If you would like me to help your business get the recognition it deserves, I’d love to hear from you.